Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RW-50016 Error: - {0} was not created during rapidinstall

checking URL = http://.:8000/OA_HTML/AppsLogin
RW-50016: Error: - {0} was not created

Finally when i thought i have solved all errors, i came across this new error at the end on installation. Now am trying to solve this one, and will post the solution as soon i come across one. Anyhow installation was smooth till now, its just this error i had come across at the end, but it took me a lot of time to complete installation since am also installing vision database for test purpose and am that too on vmware.

I tried one of the solutions that i came across on other sites, and changed the entries in /etc/hosts. localhost

Now i started install again and one of the error that was previously coming - JSP page could not be displayed has stopped coming.

Let's hope the other error also stops coming.

I will update this post soon with some results.

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