Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More About Real Application Clusters

This is in continuation with my previous post , one thing i forgot to mention is that in RAC environment database resides on SAN, hence in the event of failure on any node , database is still available for other nodes to access. Here there are three types of network connection available, first is interconnect (This is the connection that is used as heartbeat and to transfer data blocks), second is VIP(Virtual Ip Address) that is accessed by users, and other is a physical Ip. Interconnects are heartbeats that play an important role in manging the cluster,if primary node is unable to communicate with secondary node through interconnects then the second node is evicted from the cluster or it reboots. Sometime later i will surely put some screenshots of how to install RAC on Vmware, for those who are new to this it is advisable to install on Vmware, and have a feel of the cluster environment.

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