Wednesday, November 25, 2009

srvctl utility to start and stop Oracle RAC Database

To Manage an RAC Database , srvctl command line tool is utilized. It is the easiest way to start and stop database instances in an RAC Cluster. Much can be performed with srvctl command line utility.

I will just post down some examples -

1. To check the status of Database -

srvctl status database -d MYSID

2.To Start entire database (Both the instances of cluster) -

srvctl start database -d MYSID

3. To stop Entire database (Both the instances of cluster) -

srvctl stop database -d MYSID

I will update this with some more commands soon!!

If you are new to RAC you may initially find it hard to remember these commands, so the easiest way is simply put them in shell script.
This is the way i used to do it when for the first time i had worked on an RAC Database.

Just create scripts like, and put your commands in these shell scripts. So that every time you just need to run the shell scripts. :-)

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