Friday, November 27, 2009

CRS Commands

CRS is cluster ready services. CRS controls oracle clusterware and services controlled by oracle cluster. For this there are CRS deamons that run continuously on both the nodes and monitor the operation of cluster.
In this post i will tell few basic commands to stop and start CRS.

To check whether crs deamons are running or not we use-

crsctl check crs

And if you have to check all services controlled by cluster, then use the command -

crs_stat -t

This will give you status of all services , In ideal conditions status is ONLINE and if service is down it will post the status as OFFLINE

Suppose i want to stop crs , in this case i will use -

crsctl stop crs

sometimes a service may get down due to some error , this can be started by using -

crs_start servicename

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