Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MEMORY_TARGET in oracle 11g

In oracle 10g , we have worked upon SGA_TARGET wherein components of SGA only were allocated dynamically as per the workload requirement.

In Oracle 11g  , oracle further introduced a new parameter name MEMORY_TARGET, thereby automating management of SGA + PGA. When this parameter is set, the SGA and the PGA memory sizes are automatically determined by the instance based on the database workload

Like in case of SGA_TARGET the parameter that controlled the maximum allocation was SGA_MAX_SIZE, in MEMORY_TARGET the parameter is MEMORY_MAX_TARGET.

When MEMORY_TARGET is configured, the following components are auto tuned: DB BUFFER CACHE, SHARED POOL, JAVA POOL, LARGE POOL and STREAMS POOL.

Now to enable this parameter i will list down some steps with screenshot.

I tried the below parameters in vmware and  for testing purposes i am setting it to 300 MB only

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