Friday, February 22, 2013

Oracle 11g Database installation

It was from a long time since  i was planning to install and  work on Oracle 11g.

I downloaded below mentioned 2 zip files from oracle website :-


The base operating system that i had used was RHEL 4.0

Now all basic steps i.e. file changes,kernel parameters, rpm required are mentioned in oracle documentation and the documentation is also available in the software that we just extracted.

Installation went well, however it took some time to install since my machine has only 2 GB ram and i allocated 512 MB to vmware.

I will  post some screenshots here that i could capture during this installation.

This is a new screen that we get in 11g, i chose Server Class here

Select database type Single node or RAC

Select Language , i selected english

Database edition 

File system type, local or ASM

Database type General or Datawarehousing

Here we come across one of the new feature Automatic Memory Management, we will discuss this further in next post

Directory location

Option to enable automatic backups

After all options are complete, installation starts

So Oracle database 11g is installed now, and time to explore new features :-)

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