Monday, November 12, 2012

First post On db2

The project i am working in , has a db2 database. Although i am not trained in DB2 but somehow i manage it by using some basic commands.
Now since i am working as an Oracle DBA,  with no background on DB2 it was initially difficult to understand things here.
Our db2 is an older version 8.2.X.

Now for someone totally New to DB2, dilemma is how to login to db2, i mean in oracle we use:

$ Sqlplus username/password@ConnectionString

In DB2 this is what is used:

Just write db2 on unix prompt


This gives a db2 prompt


Here type the database you are connecting to

db2=> Connect to   dbname                 -- This connects to your database

This will connect to your database


To Quit

db2=> quit                                                           -- To quit db2 prompt


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